artist statement
Art is a product of culture and is generally made for certain functions and within specific time and space. Whether it is positive or negative, the multicultural environments all over the world has resulted in people growing up, living through, and surrounded daily with new and diverse cultural environments. I have experienced multiculturalism in my daily life in Thailand as well as in Australia, which has greatly informed my art practice. 

For decades, “traditional” Thai art has been used and recognised by all as a symbol of the nation (Thailand) with an artistic standardisation for preserving the art style. However, the extreme preservation policy has restricted their accessibility, with most modern-day people unable to access their meaning through the unchanged characteristics of these artworks. I still believe that Thai “traditional” art style is valuable in modern-day society and art creation, but the problem is how to make it more accessible.

In this mini painting series, I offer an alternative choice to preserving the traditional art style, which adapts different artistic features to reflect the current social and cultural environment in order to convince viewers from different cultures, generations and social groups to enjoy both the stories and the experimental forms of representation.

about the artist

Thirawut Bunyasakseri’s art bases on religious narrative with his Thai traditional art style. His current research interest is exploring traditional Hindu and Buddhist narrative themes and traditional artistic styles and the possibilities of employing contemporary techniques, compositional devices and iconography to communicate important religious stories to a modern audience. 

Bunyasakeri is an Associate Professor at Naresuan University in Thailand, and is currently completely his Doctor of Visual Arts at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.



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